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12-09-2011, 10:02 AM
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I'll be gone for 2 weeks on a cruise ship to Hawaii (that I'm not complaining about) and will miss 7 Kings game after last night. Is it sad that I'm kind of excited I have an excuse not to watch them? I'm not sure I can handle any more suckage. The years we expected it, it was easier to watch. This year, it's hard to stomach. Just pissed they couldn't win before I leave.

Quick had a bad night, but he's allowed one or two every once in awhile. The team lets him down every other night.

The team decided to wake up in the 3rd. I can't believe we didn't end up with more goals in that second half of the third.

Kopi was pissed and finally decided to play after he got crunched along the boards. Is that what it takes? Did they rattle his brain so he realizes he's a hockey player?

Good to see Bob pissed off. He should be! This team should be better than that.

I hope I come back from my trip with TM gone (highly unlikely) and the Kings starting to win. We have to start going on a major winning streak if we don't want to fall into the abyss of a mid-round pick

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