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12-03-2005, 04:36 AM
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Originally Posted by Beauty, eh?
Great post. Come on people....give it up for this post! least respond to it.
I think that people were (as I was) intimidated by the length of the post and so put off replying

I agree. Great post, T2M. Thanks for taking the time to put all of that down.

Armstrong & Belanger - I'm glad to finally have someone who agrees with me on these two. They have just never excited me, like a lukewarm cup of cofee. They bring more than enough to be in the lineup, but not to be given the big roles that they're given.

Armstrong was really bugging me last night because he would give up too early on the puck and take his eye off of it. Many times, he'd do this and he'd end up looking off into space as the puck slowly went right through his skates or right behind him. Since he had no clue it was there, he ruined chances to gain possession and the Sens would invariably grab it and clear it out of the zone before Derek realized where it was. He needs to be much more focused on the little black disc and intent on chasing it down if he wants to be on the 2nd line.

Belanger is much better at hounding down the puck, but has a real problem with puck possession and playmaking, Armstrong's strength. If you could squish those two together and make one player out of them, you'd have a very complete player.

Corvo - I was afraid that the Sens would twist him into a pretzel, but that didn't happen, and I agree that he really tried to make things happen.

Conroy - He had a breakaway (wish he hadn't tried 5-hole on Hasek), a 2-on-0 (which Brown should not've passed on, since Craig is right-handed) and a point-blank shot up close. I can't fault him for effort. He had his chances.

Brown - He's looked slightly better in these games in which he's been paired with Avery and Belanger. I'm still not happy, but it's better than he's been on any other lines, so he should probably stay there.

Cammalleri - Had some great chances. He hit the post and also almost had one off the side of the crease.

Tambellini - The nervousness that made him fumble the puck on Wednesday was gone, but it still doesn't feel like he's comfortable. He did have one great chance that Hasek stopped. I wish that we could see more of what people were talking about with regards to him, such as his wrist shot, but he has to get the puck into better scoring positions and that entire line is having problems creating plays.

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