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12-09-2011, 11:48 AM
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Originally Posted by Medium Rare View Post
I actually think after Baertschi your rankings are quite a bit off.

Nemisz is getting seriously underrated here. He is not behind Horak or Reinhart and whether he is behind Brodie is extremely debatable.

I also think Irving is being very underarrated too, IMO he is our #2 prospect. He has far and away been the best player on the Heat this year and last. Then Nemisz and Brodie would be a toss up for #2.

I also think the omission of Byron is a glaring error but you already owned up to that.

my top 10.

1. Baertschi
2. Irving
3. Nemisz
4. Brodie
5. Byron
6. Reinhart
7. Horak
8. Gaudreau
9. Ferland
10. Arnold
Thats fair, Thanks for the input.

Its always nice to see how each person personally ranks our prospects. You seem to put a lot weight on ones performance in the AHL which is understandable.

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