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Originally Posted by Bleed Ranger Blue View Post
Or, you get one more goal by giving ice time to the people most likely to score a goal, which is what Torts generally does.

Guess we'll agree to disagree on this one.

Still feel like every single one of your posts is a crusade to get Sean Avery more ice-time.
I don't give a damn what you think my posts are. Where did I mention Avery in my post? I'm talking about all 12 forwards. It's not rocket science that this team has played its best offensive hockey when getting contributions from throughout the lineup. That's why good teams win. They're not top heavy and they have depth. We have a roster of forwards that is capable of taking a regular shift. There is no reason not to be utilizing them that way. Each line has the ability to score.

The problem is that Torts only does thins when one of two things happens: a bottom six line scores a goal early in a game, or when we have a significant lead. Other than that he just refuses.

Our top two lines were not great last night. Not by any stretch. But he kept trotting them out there cause no one in the bottom six scored early and we couldn't build a lead. So here it comes, every other shift it's Stepan's line and then Richards'. Again and again and again. Oh wait, here comes Boyle's line, here's the face off, puck out of play 5 seconds later, Stepan's line back on. Here comes Dubinsky's line on the ice off a change, other team has possession of the puck, that line is on the ice for 30 seconds and as soon as they get the puck he's calling for a change again.

If you watch this team when it has been successful it's pretty obvious.

Originally Posted by RangerEsq View Post
Did Feds take your money away in high school or something? What's up with no love for him? Why should he be demoted? He's been perfectly good with Richards and Callahan. We'll talk about switching up those lines when they start to falter. I don't care who is a second and who is a third liner on paper. On the ice, Feds looks good on that line.

Also: just say no to Dubi at center. I don't care that he played there years ago. He wasn't as effective at C than at LW. Yes, any NHLer can play NHL position. I am sure Eminger could get in there as a Center also. But it's a matter how effective the player is, and Dubi is far, far more effective as a LW.
I'm not sure it's really about Feds. He's fine. Solid defensively. Smart player. That's all great. There's no reason he should be there instead of Dubinsky. It's not like that line wasn't producing when Dubi was on it. The only thing lacking was Dubi not scoring goals. He fit just as well there and has was more offensive potential. Having him on the fourth line and getting limited ice time is just going to cripple him. It's a waste. Again, if Torts would roll four lines it wouldn't be an issue. Fedotenko can fit on most lines cause of the type of player he is. Dubinsky should be back with Richards and Callahan. Feds in the bottom six and this team should be rolling four lines consistently. I agree with you about Dubi going back to wing and it makes way too much sense to have him there with Cally and Richards.

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