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11-03-2003, 11:26 AM
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Originally Posted by Stephen
Peope talk about attendance being down like there used to be some mythic past where every city used to have sell outs night after night. Attendance is down because the game isn't a sexy sell like basketball because it isn't marketed properly and because the hockey players are so boring as individuals. Hockey isn't popular like football because there isn't the whole gambling culture and because hockey games aren't events like football games are in the states.
Another reason why hockey will never really be huge in the States is that hip-hop culture rules the mainstream.

Hockey players aren't boring...they just aren't hotdogs with huge egos. That kind of mentality is celebrated in American sports these days.

Guys autographing the football in the end zone...teamates bickering back and forth regarding whose team it is. That kind of nonsense doesn't happen in hockey.

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