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11-03-2003, 11:26 AM
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Originally Posted by Ghost of Dale Hunter
Edmonton's situation being what it is, i think it is fair. teams arent exactly beating down their door with offers.

In a few months that might be overpaying. I am not sold on Comrie being a superstar by any stretch. but I would give up a little more than normal to take the shot at that kind of potential.
I used to be very high on Tallinder but he hasn't impressed me at all, especially this year. And Connolly may pan out to be something great but Comrie is somewhat proven and has scored 30 goals in a season. I'll take that over the unimpressive-but-still-has-potential Tallinder and slow-to-develop Connolly right now. But like you said, we could be overpaying in a lil while.