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Im not saying hockey is easy to go pro-in. What im saying is that kid who has the drive doesnt have to deal with un-alterable traits that sports like football and basketball almost require. No one is getting my point. Lets say for example little 5'10 Johny from Massachussetts wants to be a pro athlete. In any sport the drive to succeed and be discipline is needed so lets say that thats not the issue with this kid he has the love of the game and drive to do whatever it takes. In my opinion this kid is better off taking up hockey and learning to skate and develope stick skills then he trying to learn to over come being a 5'10 kid from New England who wants to play power forward for the celtics. Im not saying hes going to be a pro-hockey player, done deal. Im saying in hockey its easier to overcome not being blessed with certain genetic traits then any other sports. I dont have to be a 6'11 inch center to play hockey and succed if I developed the necessary skill. A 5'10 kid who has great ball handling and a killer jump shot will NEVER be an NBA center no matter how good he is.

No, but he could be a guard .

I completely understand what you're saying and I think you're right that all things being equal (motivation, finances, the right places to play, etc), and assuming one can develop a professional skill set in any of the major sports, hockey has less deterrence in the way of physical attributes. You just have to look at the wide range of physiques that are playing the game right now. You have George Parros, you have Ovechkin, then you have guys like Kane who were 160 in their rookie year, and Nugent-Hopkins isn't really a physical specimen, either, and he's lighting it up.

Hockey has a fairly long list of under-sized pro players, be it by height or weight (albeit the lighter ones tend to bulk up after a few years, but sometimes not even that extremely).

Even an out of shape Kyle Wellwood was able to play at a pro level just on hands and vision alone (yeah, he's in shape now, I realize this).

Originally Posted by Stickmata View Post
Seriously, read the first chapter of Outliers. You'll have a better understanding of the unalterable traits that impact a kid's likelihood of making it to the NHL./
You can preview the first chapter on Google Books.

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