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12-09-2011, 04:01 PM
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Originally Posted by RH63 View Post
Yeah, but why waive EM who's a favorite of TM? Why not waive Lewis or Richie?

I'm not saying waiving Lewis or Richie's the better move, not at all.

But by waiving, EM, it does seem like it's DL's way of saying, that TM needs to start playing our speedy players a bit more.

If TM had his way, he probably would have waived/traded Richie or Lewis than to waive Moreau.
Richardson and Lewis have more value than Moreau, are signed to multi-year deals, and are young. Not comparable.[/QUOTE]

I'd have waived Richardson for this reason. Multi-year deal at $1.2 mill, and what are we getting? I'd rather keep Moreau, and that says something.

Originally Posted by Telos View Post
It's a good battle at that, but still, they wouldn't have had to waive Moreau because of Mitchell. Willie was not on IR.
Yes Willie was. When Martinez came off, they put Willie on IR for a few days.

As for me, I'm glad we waived Moreau. Never wanted him here in the first place. I hope this sends a message through the locker room because if not, we should be seeing a firing/trade soon.

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