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Originally Posted by prob22 View Post
Of the big the leagues, MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL is the average kid off the streets more likely to go pro in NHL because of the teachability that hockey skills require. Im not saying that hockey is the easiest to go pro in by any means. What I am saying is with sports like football and baseball inhertited traits like size tend to pre-dispose young athletes to better success then say the average kid. The average 5'10 kid will probably never play in the NBA and height, a characteristic he cant control, will have a lot to do with it. Football seems to be the same way when it comes to measurables like height and weight.

Hockey is one of the more difficult sports to play but it seems like a sport were the skills needed are more teachable and learned skills then they are genetically inhereted traits. Any young kid with a love for the game and a family who is patient and willing to teach can make a kid a strong skater. Stick skills are something learned the more you pick up a stick and practice with it. Again im not saying hockey is the easiest to go pro in. All im saying is that it is the sport where the average kid raised in the right environment who loves to play has the best chance to succeed in. Size is nice in the NHL but there are hundreds of 5'10 hockey players who are just as talented. Does anyone see what im saying/agree with me?
Absolutely not...

A lot of hockey is genetics, and things can't just be "taught." Players who go to the NHL have hockey senses that are far superior than other players who simply do not make it to that level. While the skills are crucial, the average kid can not just wake up one day and choose to start practicing these skills hoping to go pro one day.

Its a process, and it is the most selective process out of any pro sport.

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