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Originally Posted by BruinsHockey74 View Post
Absolutely not...

A lot of hockey is genetics, and things can't just be "taught." Players who go to the NHL have hockey senses that are far superior than other players who simply do not make it to that level. While the skills are crucial, the average kid can not just wake up one day and choose to start practicing these skills hoping to go pro one day.

Its a process, and it is the most selective process out of any pro sport.
Are you saying that hockey sense, vision, whatever you want to call it, is genetic? I think that's ludicrous. Hockey IQ is developed from exposure to the sport: playing, watching, studying. It's a learned trait.
The only thing I can think of to support this is bringing up father/son duos but that doesn't do much to support the genetics argument in my mind. These are children who have access to greater hockey minds, who grow up in and around the sport with a professional trainer in dad just an arms length away. They're born into special circumstances that greatly increase their odds but that does not make them innately superior players.

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