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Originally Posted by Stickmata View Post
I'll agree with the OP on one thing, which I think is really his point. I think if you took 4 identical kids that are good athletes and who are decent size AND had each put in the time from a very young age focused on one of the 4 major U.S. sports, basketball, football, baseball and hockey, IMO the one with the highest probability of success at the top professional level would be hockey, followed by baseball, football and, last, basketball. I say that for various reasons, but I do think, of the skills and traits required for each of the four sports, the impact of the unteachable traits that are required are smallest in hockey. I also say this based on professional athletes that I've known and met in all of these sports and how their athleticism compared to the average amateur athlete. In my experience, the difference in athleticism is smallest in hockey players, in general.

So in that regard I agree with him, however, I think the differences in probabilities are extremely small, largely because the starting probabilities are all similarly extremely small to begin with.
I might be catching your drift wrong on this...You do know that hockey is the most physically demanding sport, right?

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