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11-03-2003, 11:55 AM
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Attendance is down because the game isn't a sexy sell like basketball because it isn't marketed properly and because the hockey players are so boring as individuals. [/QUOTE]

I disagree that the NBA,NFL or any other league is popular because the players have interesting personalities.I can't imagine anyone preferring player personalities over the actual sport,and those that do are generally girls between the ages of 12-18.Not really a huge chunk of any sports *paying fan base*.

The nhl is in the attendance trouble its in because of over-expansion,poor expansion choices,a lack of grassroots participation in minor hockey in many of its markets,poor marketing and the absurd rise in ticket prices.If these owners could run their teams at break-even while setting ticket prices at roughly half what they are then you would see attendance increase.In a nutshell TOO MANY REAL HOCKEY FANS cannot afford the ridiculous cost of attending games.

The funny thing is the NHL braintrust was so set on getting its teams into the hands of the mega rich that it overlooked the damage that would result from doing so.Salary costs have gone through the roof and many small market teams have had to price tickets out of the range of many true fans.Winnipeg and Quebec City are GREAT hockey towns but the rising costs of icing a team made it impossible for anyone to keep the teams there without losing huge amounts of money.So those two hockey hotbeds watched their teams fly south of the border.One ended up in Denver and was immediately an on ice success and quickly gained a solid fan base.I'm still not willing to call Denver a true hockey mad city,i'll wait until the team has missed the playoffs for 3 or 4 years and i'll check attendance then(everyone loves a winner right?).Phoenix has struggled mightily despite moving from a city of less tham a million people to a city with milions of residents.Thats the difference between a true hockey city and just a big city looking for another form of entertainment for its residents.

And whoever mentioned the trap has a legitimate point as well.Hockey games are nowhere near as exciting as they were.So now you have people that decide to pony up a hundred or so dollars each to check out a hockey game and don't feel they got treated to a hundred dollars worth of entertainment.They're not coming back period.The NHL has many many problems to get ironed out and i for one sure hope they get this mess cleaned up soon.

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