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12-09-2011, 08:21 PM
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Originally Posted by HCH View Post
Ask Timmins. He loved McDonagh and drafted him ahead far ahead of the d-man you are referring to.

So maybe your best prospect wasn't McDonagh but I am not sure what Timmins would have to say. McDonagh simply took a different development path and our guy isn't miles ahead of him, despite what you what say
You're kidding right?

The trade happened in June 2009, the tournament happened in dec2008/Jan2009, did you WATCH that tournament by any chance?

Are you really saying Timmins had McDonaugh higher than PK on his chart in June 2009? Really? Really really?

It was evident then as it is now, that PK IS miles ahead of McDonaugh. McDonaugh can't do what PK does, and will never be able to do what PK does and I rarely use absolutes, but this I'm 100% certain about.

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