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12-03-2005, 02:11 PM
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Originally Posted by TheCoach
I don't get it. Same thing with calling Bryan Murray a bush league coach and such. Why?

Here's my take on what happened, from an unbiased perspective.

Fisher made a clean hit on an LA player early in the game. Avery asked him to go, Fisher did. Nothing wrong with any of this.

LA was in Ottawa's crease the entire game. Did they do anything illegal? No. Did Conroy intentionally kick Hasek? No. But, after an entire game of bumping and prodding at (even if it was within the rules) their all-star starting goalie, you know that Ottawa's defensemen are going to get sick of it. Avery jabbing Hasek in the head, even if Hasek has only himself to blame, only made things worse. Every team is that protective of their goalie. You can bet that if Ottawa was in Labarbera's crease all game, and Chris Neil gave him a shot to the head after Labarbera went after him, LA's defensemen would just stand there. I'd expect them to go after Chris Neil and the Senators.

On to the fights. First off, Brian McGrattan had asked both Jeff Cowan and Sean Avery to go earlier in the game. Both players declined. Which frankly, is fine. But, after all of Avery's incidents with Hasek, you knew that McGrattan would be out there. And he did not jump Avery. He was talking to him the entire time before the faceoff, and I don't think he was asking him where he bought his skates. Avery wanted no part of it. This, I have a problem with. I don't care if McGrattan is bigger, you knew that he was going to ask you to go. At least try and tie him up, or pretend to slip. Don't duck. If Avery had stood up for himself, the situation would have been over. Ottawa would have gotten their "revenge".

But then, when both of Ottawa's fighter's are out, now Cowan wants to drop them. So, he follows Kelly up the ice asking him to go. Kelly says fine. This is a guy who's never fought in his life, and he gets smoked.

Now Chara is pissed. They didn't want any part of McGrattan or Neil, but they want Kelly. So he's out there like he always is, especially with Redden out, and he tells Gleason that they're gonna go. Gleason says fine, and drops the gloves. He gets destroyed. Same thing that happened to Kelly.

There you go. I don't think any team was any more "bush" league than the other. Both teams did some stuff that they probably shouldn't have, and thats fine.

Frankly, I think this game was good for both teams. You have to think that LA and Ottawa will bond after this game, seeing what type of beatings Kelly and Gleason took for the team. It'll bring them closer, which is good. Knowing that they have eachothers back. You have to think that veterans appreciate what those rookies did.

So its all good. In the long run, I think both teams will benefit from this. Sometimes, stuff like this happens and it is needed.

Good luck the rest of the way, hopefully Frolov tears it up as I have him in my pool. And maybe we'll see you in th finals. That would be fun.
Props to you. This is the most objective post I've seen you create about this incident.(Frankly, you were pissing me off with some of your posts about the Avery and the Kings on the main board.)

Although we do disagree on some minor points, most of what you said is correct. As I've said before, I wish Ryan Flinn hadn't been injured...he's really the only King who could've taken on McGratton.

Again, good post...Way to rise above homerism, which is tough after a game like this.

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