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11-03-2003, 12:15 PM
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Originally Posted by Plekanec
As much as I disliked Brisebois over the last few years, as much as I like him this year... Brisebois is one of our best players this year if not the best one... He works hard every night (contrary at what he was used to the last few years), he move quick, skate with the puck, make a great first pass... In his own zone it's a total different Brisebois we have... He work hard along the board, win most of his battles, reliable....

If you know something about the hockey game, you would'nt criticize Brisebois at the moment! He is playing great!
I think Brisebois is playing OK right now, but definately not "great". And I haven't seen him skate with the puck a whole lot or make great first passes, I see him make the safe play and hit his winger along the boards or else chip it out on the glass. Not to say that these are bad plays or anything, steady d-men help us win hockey games.

An analogy I’d like to draw would be Joe Thorton converting himself into a checking centre. If Joe didn’t give one lick about offence, he could probably be the best checking line centre in the NHL. But would you describe his play as great? Hardly, because much more is expected of him offensively.

Now the Breezer case isn’t as extreme, but you get my point. Maybe he’s had unrealistic expectations his whole career, I don’t know. But what I do know is that I have seen Breezer play good offensive hockey while still being responsible defensively in the past, and given our current scoring drought some offence from the backside would help out immensely.

Until Breezer plays to up his capability, I will not accept his play as “great”.

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