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12-03-2005, 02:15 PM
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Originally Posted by PeterSidorkiewicz
Personally, I feel that the Conroy ordeal was an accident, from everyones reaction right after it seemed like all the players on the ice felt like it was an accident as well. Freaky stuff like that happens every so often.

To answer your question about cheap shots, I watched the entire game, and I really don't think there were any significant cheap shots by the kings, just chippy play by both teams all around. The whole Avery running Hasek thing, you have Avery anywhere near Hasek, it honestly doesn't matter if he was running him or not, you have that reputation, thats what happens, and having Avery on your team with that reputation, you just have to deal with it. Overall I dont think he was trying to run over Hasek, but he was in the crease a lot overall, and thats whats going to happen if you are.

On the whole Chara thing, he felt he had to retaliate to the whole Kelly-Cowan thing, even IF Kelly wanted to fight. As a Sens fan, Im glad he did it, you as kings fan, probably hate him for doing it. Thats to be expected, if the shoe was on the other foot im sure we'd have the exact opposite opinions. Chara now pays the 1 game suspension for what he did, its over and done with. Plus, Im sure its a lot better having Chara tossing him around, rather than throwing a punch and trying to break his face, so it honestly could have turned out a lot worse.

The only significant cheap shot I can think of the entire night might have been the Neil hit, and this can be argued all day. It was a penalty no doubt, the question at hand is, is it suspension worthy? Im honestly not sure. Neil has not been known to use real dirty tactics, so personally I feel that he probably could have let up a little more than he did, but I definitely do not think he was trying to injure anyone.

With all this being said, the Sens were the ones leading during the game, so for them to go out and goon it up with a substantial lead makes no real sense. Both teams played chippy all game, tensions got high, then were released. I don't see how either team takes the blame for this, and the comments Fox made were just stupid IMO.

That is my whole take on things, and im not even going to say its an unbiased opinion, because its not, Im a Sens fan, and thats my take. Take it for what its worth.
I'm sorry Peter, but anytime you leave your feet and hit a guy from behind when he's only a couple of feet from the boards, it's a dirty hit. Find the video and watch it. Neil's hit was very dirty.

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