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Originally Posted by Thepandamancan View Post
If it's broken and you touch it, you're supposed to get a penalty. I did this during a game once, thinking I was doing the right thing by sweeping the stick towards the boards and the ref said he'd give me a penalty for it if I did it again.
Rule 53 – Throwing Equipment
53.1 Throwing Equipment – A player shall not throw a stick or any other
object in any zone. A player who has lost or broken his stick may only
receive a stick at his own players’ bench or be handed one from a
teammate on the ice (see 10.3).
53.2 Minor Penalty - A minor penalty shall be imposed on any player on
the ice who throws his stick or any part thereof or any other object in
the direction of the puck or an opponent in any zone, except when
such act has been penalized by the assessment of a penalty shot or
the awarding of a goal.
When a defending player shoots or throws a stick or any other
object at the puck or the puck carrier in the defending zone but does
not interfere in any manner with the puck or puck carrier, a minor
penalty shall be assessed.
When the player discards the broken portion of a stick or some
other object by tossing it or shooting it to the side of the ice (and not
over the boards) in such a way as will not interfere with play or
opposing player, no penalty will be imposed for so doing. When
moving a stick that is not broken, no penalty shall be assessed as
long as it does not interfere with the play and the player who lost said
stick is not attempting to retrieve it, otherwise an interference penalty
must be assessed.

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