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12-10-2011, 12:12 AM
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Originally Posted by sandlansd View Post
I know, I was just giving you some Bryz jabs. I obviously hope he becomes the stud we all know he can be. And I believe he will too. He's shown flashes lately, which is more than I could say earlier in the year. Now he just needs to be consistently great like he was in that Pens game. I'm not ready to say the contract was a good thing (b/c even if Bryz plays awesome, it was still a ridiculous price to pay), but it won't be Bryz's fault. Can't blame the dude for getting all he could. At any rate, I digress. Who gives about the cap hit if we win a Cup?

As far as Pronger goes, my point is it's ridiculous how these people are saying he's breaking down. The knee thing is the result of old-age, but that was only gonna be a 4 week thing. No big deal. The puck to the face thing has nothing to do w/ Pronger breaking down. It was a fluke injury that could happen to anyone. Likewise, the concussion thing is the same, a fluke injury that could've happened to anyone sustaining similar contact to the head. Concussions have nothing to do w/ getting older, unless you have a history of them which Pronger does not. In fact, concussions are more common w/ younger players these days. W/ Pronger having been in several giant collisions in the past w/ no problems, I'd actually say it's likely that he can sustain contact better than the average NHLer.

At any rate, Pronger will be fine, this team will be fine, and everyone needs to stop overreacting.
I'm wit you on all this. especially some talking about tradin this one or that. panic moves for a well coached team that is currently in 1st place over a quarter into the season are stupid.

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