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12-09-2011, 11:19 PM
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Originally Posted by nyisles View Post
TB is like the Isles' superior cousin... they're gonna be relying heavily on their offensive firepower and goaltending because the defense is pretty suspect. You're giving regular D shifts to guys that lottery NYI teams couldn't wait to get rid of, and now it sounds like Ohlund could be out for awhile so those two will see even more ice. Another injury or two and Roloson might start filling out his retirement paperwork.
Since Hedman is a bust they have to do something to bring in another franchise pick.

Seriously though, you can boil it down like you did to the issues on defense (they have no defense and haven't for several seasons), and their biggest non-producing Yashinesque contract recipient. Those who don't learn from "The Wang" are doomed to repeat him.

Also, anyone else feel Pierre McGuire is the most obnoxious color guy in the league? The guy's always shouting over his broadcast partner, and he just had a buffoon-gasm because he realized Washington was getting a penalty for too many men
I used to hate the guy but he has grown on me more or less because of his appreciation of the kids in college, juniors, etc. I think he has helped inject some solid emotion into the event making it worth viewing to more than just die hards like us. You should make this topic a separate thread btw. Pierre is a little polarizing which could make for some colorful commentary.

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