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12-10-2011, 03:20 AM
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It has been mentioned previously in the thread but it is worth repeating: Any child who is in good health and really sets his/her mind to it can develop into a professional football/soccer player if they are provided with the right coaching and spend enough time on working on their skills. Football is a truly egalitarian sport in that there is a role on the pitch for everyone, regardless of if they are tall or short, quick or slow, the key is to identify the best role for each player and then make sure that they put the time into developing the right skills for that role.

In addition to that, the sheer amount of professional football clubs in existence around the globe ensures that players will be able to turn professional even if they have severe flaws in their game, there are plenty of players out there who get paid to play football despite them being tremendously slow or having poor technical skills because their other attributes are good enough to justify a professional contract at the level they play at. Hell, Fabio Liverani was able to play more than 250 Serie A matches and get capped 3 times for one of the greatest national teams in the world despite lacking virtually every physical attribute imaginable simply because of how great he was at passing.

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