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12-10-2011, 03:23 AM
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Originally Posted by Semper Sens View Post
I think the OP's point is, take 3 kids who are identical in every way: athleticism, determination to succeed, weight, future growth, and make them all 5'10".

If each of these kids take up one of basketball, football, and hockey, the kid who plays hockey will have the best chance of making it to the pros. Not because he's more skilled at his sport, or has more willingness to succeed, since all those things are equal, but because the NBA and the NFL both have extreme size requirements.

And let's be serious, the 'selection process' to get into the NHL is far less thorough and has way less kids fed into it compared to soccer, basketball, baseball, and football. It's crazy how many kids get fed into those sports, and there has been money in those sports fuelling research in training, scouting, recruiting, etc... for a lot longer. 13 year olds can enter the Manchester United organization, there are high school courses in football, it's insane.
And it's 7 years olds now, entering the big soccer organisations.

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