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12-03-2005, 04:32 PM
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Originally Posted by Bandit
Well, while I appreciate your attempt at being objective, you're leaving out the fact that the seantors pulled all their crap in the last half of the 3rd in a game where they had a 4 goal lead.

As for hasek, the only time there was really and contact was when avery took a swat at a puck that was loose, so I don't really buy the assertion that the Kings 'were in his crease all nght.' I don't count Conroy's skate because if Heatly hadn't tripped him, there would have been no contact at all. Also, if hasek's going to leave his crease after a whistle to go after someone, he should expect to get punched.

Finally, I can see how the senators believe that hasek was being run all night. What with all his flailing & diving all over the place, you'd think there was a sniper in the rafters.

The senators beat the Kings soundly on the scoreboard, there was no need for them to pull a bunch of cheap stuff at the end of a game that was all locked up.
Well said!

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