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Never mind bad post...well maybe not but I don't care to find out if it is or isn' I'll pick something else to discuss.

That St.Croix debate. The stats are great to me because they refl;ect what I saw outta the guy in Traverse City where I thought he just single handedly carried many offensive possessions...that was against other prospects though so yea it's way impossible to say how he goes in the pros...How is he speed, balance and skating wise?

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It does, but at least McIlrath acknowledges the weaknesses in his game in interviews. We just have to hope that translates to him making the adjustments on the ice.
Also something of note is unlike Grachev who fast tracked himself and went against the organization. McI is the complete oppossite and is mature to the point where not only does he stay to continue to try and improve the coaches have taken note of his coachability and his maturity and ability to be a good teammate has him named a captain all over the place. In that regard his coachability, maturity and work ethic have him favorably comparing to kreider who has been recieving praise for coachability all over the place. Coacability, work ethic and maturity are important because these factors are immeasurable and can help a player achieve his utmost potential.


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