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12-10-2011, 09:23 AM
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Okay so I bought the S13 int. with 65 flex but when I try to flex it I get the same result as the 85 flex stick- maybe a cm bending at most, definitely not an inch of flex and I really have to struggle to get it to bend that much anyway... Since I get the same result, no more, no less bending, I think maybe I'm just testing the flex wrong. I mean, I would think that going down 20 whatever units flex is in would cause at least a little more flex. I tried doing it like Jarick said in his blog (sort of pretending that you're taking a wrist shot) but it's proven rather difficult since the stick just slips around on the ground.
I hate to think that I just wasted all that money on a stick I can't use. If I keep practicing shots will I eventually get strong enough to be able to use it later on or should I just return it? Should I use a different method to test the flex?
Also, I haven't actually tried shooting with it yet because I don't have a shooting pad but I should be getting a melamine board today so maybe I'll have an update on that later...
I would also like to point out that I would normally try these things out before buying a pricey stick (or anything for that matter) but the closest shop is ~100 miles away and doesn't really carry anythong below 85 flex and none of my teammates really use anything lower than 85 either.

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