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12-10-2011, 11:37 AM
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Originally Posted by Stepanformayor View Post
Simply put, we are hockey. That's a complete joke right? First off no one else plays high school hockey in this country, so to say that we have the top 18 out of 20 teams in the Nation is so mis leading. Over the last 8-10 years Minnesota has fallen so far behind it is not even funny. The reason that we have fallen so far behind is that our high school players play 24 games and they play 65 in Ann Arbour, 65-70 playing AAA Midget, 65 games in the USHL. Here is a fact. There will not be a Minnesota high school hockey player taken in the top 50 in the NHL draft this year. The cold hard facts are that Shattuck has more players on a NHL roster right know than the whole state of Minnesota. There are 19 Shattuck kids on NHL rosters as of today. My guess is that there are not 19 kids in the NHL right know that played high school hockey in Minnesota. There are roughly 630 NHL roster spots and I would guess that maybe 12- 15 of those played high school hockey in Minnesota. That's a whopping 2.0%-2.5% of the leauge. Sorry to burst your bubble bud but this are the facts. Minnesota kids have never had a presence in the NHL and never will.
There's so much wrong with the paragraph I don't know where to begin. You're comparing different leagues, USHL has a higher cap ceiling. AAA Midgets is somewhat similar to Shattucks, in which they bring in talent from the outside. (Some of the best players in the NHL have played for Shattucks). It's similar to comparing a college team to Team USA.

Secondly, if you look here:

There seems to be more than 19 quality players that are playing in the NHL. (That list also doesn't include TJ Oshie who spent a good portion (majority) of his life playing hockey in Minnesota.)

So please, do some fact checking before you come in and try to tell everyone how much you know about Minnesota hockey in the NHL.

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