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12-10-2011, 05:29 PM
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I'm jumping into the frying pan here, but here goes: Been here all my life. Played HS hockey here and love the MN teams and i'm very proud of our hockey heritage, but this mentality that just because someone grew up here playing High school hockey automatically means we should fill both the Gopher and Wild rosters, and now the TV booth with MN kids is ridiculous..This to me is a huge reason why the U keeps failing.. Too much pressure to recruit 95% MN kids..Fletch felt the pressure to hire a MN guy in Richards...Where'd that get him? I hate to tell you people but there is a whole lot of good hockey players in this country now that Do Not come from MN. and never played High school hockey in our state.. IMO.. MN high school hockey and MN hockey in general IS falling behind. I've said it for several year's now well before New York's mayor came along. The High school league has too much power. If i had a son who had a chance to get to the next level. MN high school hockey is the last place he'd play.

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