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12-10-2011, 05:59 PM
Jaymond Flurrie
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Originally Posted by Spiccy McHaggis View Post
Yeah but i though it would be a better sign of integration to speak finnish, at least understand it and know the basics, it's just a matter of respect for the country welcoming me.
I know I reply to an old post, but one thing I can tell you people is that even if you don't learn the whole language, learn the ways to pronounce things and that gets you far. Why? Because then you know what are the common mistakes people does in pronouncing something in English. For example I have huge difficulties with communicating with the girl next door who is from China and speaks very good English, but I can understand my wife next to perfectly and she's from USA. If I would know how Chinese people speaks, I could understand their English way better. As examples, Finns are awful with "th"-sound (like three, it comes out more often than not as tree) and Chinese people "r"-sounds are very bad. But once you know these things, your error correction level skyrockets.

Oh and welcome to Finland!

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