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Originally Posted by JimmyStart View Post
I started skating again and couldnt remembenr what my skate size was. The skates I still had were size 8. I could barely go a few seconds without severe foot cramping. Yesterday I went and tried with I believe 13's. (My shoes are 12's.) I was fine yesterday and never had a foot cramping issue. The skates however would let my leg shift back and forth a little bit which made it difficult to maintain balance.

Today I went and started with 11's. My foot cramped a lot when it had not cramped at all yesterday I couldn't make it one lap without extreme cramping in my feet so I moved up to 12. My foot continued to cramp and I was still shifting. Finally I went back to 13 and the foot cramping wasnt as severe I skated a bunch of laps without issue but even though I tied as tight as I could my leg would shift within the skate and it was very hard to stay balanced.

I want to get actual skates for myself instea dof using the rentals and they measured my foot and it came out to 8 1/2. Now I'm 100% confused and have no idea what to do with this skate size stuff. I will try 11 again next time and maybe my foot was just tired? Did I tie the foot part of the skate too tight maybe?
Skates are Canadian sized which are 1-1/2 sizes smaller than your shoes. Skates need to fit snugly, and should be a tad uncomfortable before baking and breaking in.

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