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11-03-2003, 01:49 PM
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Originally Posted by Brooklyn Ranger
That may not be "youth" but they were players in their prime. How many players on the roster can you say that about today? And how many were homegrown? Leetch and Richter were young when they started their professional careers and the Ranger organization played them instead of throwing up obstacles in their path. Or traded them.

Gotta start somewhere with young players, but the Ranger organization has spent the last 10 years throwing them away instead of building around them. If the Rangers didn't have a core of young players in their prime/or with great potential in the early 1990s, it wouldn't have made sense to use some of them as bargaining chips to get players like Tikkanen, Larmer and Matteau--who completed the roster. Since then, the organization has traded for veterans to create a core and you know what? THAT DOESN'T WORK.

And I'm sick of watching the crap that passes for hockey in this town. I'd rather have several younger players in the lineup. I really don't think that players like Bouchard and Tjutin would be so hard to integrate into the lineup. It would just mean not signing some veteran to a huge, long-term contract (you think it's really going to be fun to watch Kaspar for the next 5 years?) and take a chance that someone with potential will actually take some steps toward fulfilling it. Other teams do it all the time.

We can argue all we want about how rosters need to have a mix of younger players and veterans and how many kids is too many. But the bottom line is this organization has had way too many veterans in the lineup year after year for the last 8-9 years. And that's a huge reason why this organization hasn't made the playoffs in 6 years. And that's the bottom line.
TB - I don't think Sather has done well and at the same time I don't think he has done as bad as people make it sound. His trades have not turned out to be huge mistakes as of yet.

D - The lack of cohesion IMO is a lack of direction from management and more specifically a lack of a system, not so much the players that make up the team; stop listening to all those dumb Islander fans

Brooklyn - My argument is against starting a youth movement; having players in their prime and having young players making up your entire line up is not the same thing. If you want to start a true youth movement then say goodbye to Leetch and Kovalev. I don't feel that this is the answer to ending this 6 year drought.