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Originally Posted by robert terwilliger View Post
so we have pictures of a player who is smaller when he's younger and bigger when he's older.

where's the link showing how his performance was enhanced due to drugs.
During the 1998-99 off-season, Bonds put on 15 - 20 pounds of muscle.

Of course, steroids don't help you hit the ball better. BUt it can help a player hit it further. Why else would Bonds HR/AB ratio rise so dramatically after he started taking HGH??

The rise in his HR/AB ratio in the latter half of his career is unprecedented. I'm sure HGH had a lot to do with that..........even considering a phenom like Barry Bonds.

As for Braun, it's pretty sad to see another player of his calibre have to resort to steroid use......if true.

Guess the steroid era never ended in baseball....

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