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12-10-2011, 09:51 PM
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Originally Posted by robert terwilliger View Post
it'd be nice if he learned to play defense to give them something else to vote on. lots of corner outfielders have pure power. look at his "most simular through age" on b-ref. chick hafey, fred lynn, manny, dick allen, billy williams, thome, mondesi, chipper, shawn green, teixeira. some good names, some meh names.

power alone won't get him into the hall. look at albert belle.
Honestly, after looking at the numbers, I was definitely overzealous about Braun's Hall chances in my previous post. I thought he had more than 161 career home runs. If he plays 10 more years, he'd need to average 33.9 homers per season to reach 500 on the nose. That's going to be really hard to do, and obviously he'll only further decline defensively in his 30s. For someone who is already a lousy defender, that's not too encouraging. So, basically,you're right to be skeptical of his Hall chances. But, if he doesn't get in, it won't have anything to do with PED use, as was argued before.

Originally Posted by Green Men Rule View Post
Really? Roids will keep anybody out apparently. Clemens who was a lock is not gunna ever sniff it. I bet the samething happens to Manny and A-Rod. Oh...and Barry.
You can't really compare Braun to Clemens or Bonds. Should those two be in the Hall? Yes. But their lives have spiraled out of control with legal issues and whatnot - not to mention, in Bonds' case, that he was always disliked by the baseball media. Manny and A-Rod are both HOF-caliber players, but again, neither is particularly beloved by the right people (the voters).

I'd expect this PED issue of Braun's to blow over by the time he'll be Hall-eligible; the bigger question is: Will he have Cooperstown credentials? That remains to be seen.

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