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12-10-2011, 11:34 PM
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Originally Posted by broadwayblue View Post
So you're advocating changing the rules because there aren't enough game winning goals scored on negated icings? I love the rule the way it is now. I'm sure they will probably change it at some point...but I hope they don't do it anytime soon.

On this particular play Artie certainly didn't help himself.
Some radical and some common-sense rule changes will be tested at the NHL's second annual Resarch, Development and Orientation Camp on August 17 and 18.

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Aug 9, 2011 - The NHL announced the details for their second annual Research, Development and Orientation Camp on Tuesday, and with the details come the news of some rather extreme, but intriguing, rule changes.

The camp will be held at the MasterCard Centre in Toronto on Wednesday, August 17 and Thursday, August 18, and just as last year, it will feature the top Junior players in the world. It's an opportunity for the prospects to get in front of a bigger audience just as it's an opportunity for the league to test things it otherwise would not have the opportunity to test.

They'll take a look at several of the proposed rules that were tested a year ago at the camp, such as hybrid icing, no-touch icing and different positioning of faceoff circles. Other new posted changes being introduced include 3-on-3 overtime after the current 4-on-4 overtime period, the institution of a five-man shootout instead of the three-man version the NHL uses today, the removal of the trapezoid behind the net, and the rule that all penalties must be served in their entirety
I'm not the only one advocating it. It's not a new idea. The NHL has been toying with the idea for years. Just like the Red Line going away, it'll be a rule in the near future.

I brought up the GWG's to showcase how fruitless an endeavor trying to negate an icing usually is, and in some cases, career changing.

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