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12-04-2005, 12:49 AM
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Was it just me or did it seem like the Predators were the team that controlled the play tonight. We never looked sloppy, we played hard all fact, I would say this was one of the better games we played. If Richards hadn't got that deflection, and Vokoun makes a routine save on Hatcher, we are looking at a blowout .... From my perspective, the score was a lot closer to the game. Heck, the only player that really stood out to me on the FLyers was Hatcher (and I have to say, thats the best game I have seen out of him since leaving Dallas) and Pitkanen on the breakaway...Everyone else was shut down...and majorly shut down. Not even really great scoring chances.....

Klein played very good. I said at the beginning of the season that Klein was good enough to start for the majority of the teams in the league......he proved that again tonight. I would hate to end up trading him now, after watching him bust some people and fly against NHL teams. Erat has stepped up his game. I have maintained for awhile now that he is the most movable top 6 winger we have, but his play of late really kills that. For the first time tonight, our first line dominated play. I mean, we see Leggie and Kariya hook up on breakaways, etc. routinely, but tonight we had an enormous offensive zone prescense...When you combine that with our forwards back-checking ability, it really allowed us to attack all night long and not sit back.

I said before the game, our speed will beat this team, and tonight...It did.

Kariya almost won the game pre-shootout. Open net, and Nittymaki got over just in time to get his toe on the puck. If Kariya elevates it at all or shoots it a fraction faster...its game over Preds.

It would be interesting if the league instituted some type of Penalty shot rule for penalties taken at the end of OT games just to stop scoring chances. I know the mechanisms for that would be iffy, but the Flyers just started grabbing/hacking/holding anyone in sight because they knew there was only 10 seconds left that could possibly be played.

Fun to watch, wish we could have saw Forsberg, Walks, Kimmo, and Markov play....but what a great way to end a homestand. 17-4-3 - this may be the best start the Predators will have ever guys......I'm definitely enjoying every minute of it!

By the way, what was the attendance for these past few games? Seems like the place has been picking it up...(Oh, and I defnitely got two of my friends tickets to go watch this game..)

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