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12-11-2011, 12:51 AM
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Originally Posted by AdmiralsFan24 View Post
Yes, the appeal is supposed to be complete and then if the player remains suspended MLB announces it. Of course ESPN had to stick their noses in it and now Braun's image is tainted no matter what happens.

If the suspension is upheld, well obviously we know why his image is tainted.

If the suspension is reversed people are going to say Bud Selig is helping out a player on the team he used to own.

If they went through the appeal without anyone knowing and the suspension was reversed it never gets released and nobody knows.
The thing is it's not ESPN's fault. The news broke from their program "Outside The Line" Not sure who on here watches the show but it's essentially a program where they talk to "sources" or somebody with first hand knowledge or relation to the situations. So it's not like it was broken by an ESPN employee. The person to blame would be that person who spoke to Outside The Lines and the person whoever tipped off Outside The lines to talk to the certain sources.

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