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12-04-2005, 02:34 AM
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Not that I ever DIDN'T enjoy being a fan. . .

. . . but it's especially gratifying now. You look at all these teams carrying around dead weight in salary (no offense, Doug) and you realize how much forethought went into putting this team together and resisting the urge to tear it apart for rent-a-players. Really, top to bottom, no one on is hurting this team financially, even the players that aren't doing what's expected of them. I mean Legwand isn't performing like a second overall pick, but he's also not being paid like one either.

Furthermore, I actually expect this team to win every game. Going to big ticket games a few years ago was to see superstar players from other teams score terrific goals against us. Now, when teams like Philly come in, I think we all expect the win and are critical if it doesn't happen.

Meanwhile our respective expansion brethren drag out dinosaurs like Adam Foote, Sergei Federov, and Bobby Holik, proving to their fans that they can be sub-.500 teams with booming payrolls just as they were with smaller ones. Nevermind the fact that we don't have a Gaborik, Nash, or Kovalchuk to supplement us.

It's too forward-thinking, but this is the way a team like Ottawa gets to be on top for a stretch. Say what you want about their playoff success, but they get there. Draft well, trade those who get too big for their pants, and don't throw money at superstars.

Should we be so lucky to get to the playoffs this year I'm sure I'll be amongst those who are screaming for a trade that will bring in that "missing element", but in two years hopefully I'll be thanking Poile once again for not mortgaging the farm for a second-round playoff exit.

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