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12-11-2011, 10:45 AM
Dennis Bonvie
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Originally Posted by Hardyvan123 View Post
I was waiting for this response as it always comes out when the anti Euro opinion comes out.

Sure the OP comments are an opinion that he can't back up, just like 99% of us that don't know any or all the voters, but let's get real here.

Anyone in North American hockey circles and especially Canada is aware of the lingering myth that Swedes are soft yada yada yada.

Heck in Vancouver this is still often recited by loudmouth radio sportscasters about the Sedins in last years final.

The early 90's is 20 years back in the PC revolution that there was still a large segment of voters that grew up with the rockemsockem hockey and the broad street bullies of the 70's. Even some guys who are PC love rough tough Dmen, as we saw in the last thread with the Salming manliness comment.

Agree to disagree as there will always be two sides of the fence on this topic but it's not an unreasonable opinion that Eva puts out there is it?
If the OP stated it as his opinion, I would not have responsed.

"Lidstrom's Norris voting record early in his career has lagged beneath what he earned because of the early 90s anti-Euro bias." The OP

That is a statement of fact, not opinion.

As for the opinion that Swedes are soft, that does not neccessarily translate into biased voting. I see Salming garnering enough votes to be on 6 post season all-star teams back as far as the Neanderthal '70s. Also see some Euro named Federov winning the Hart Trophy in '94 and Hasek a whole bunch of awards in the 90s.

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