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12-11-2011, 11:19 AM
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Originally Posted by bananaslug View Post
I'm a fan of both teams and I get that there's obvious bad blood between a lot of you guys and the ducks and understand you have valid reasons for hating the guy, but I don't get why based on one play Perry is a dirty player. Tootoo has more suspensions than Perry and way more questionable plays.

I truly don't know where this reputation for Perry as a "cheap shot artist" came from I mean if u took as much abuse from goalies as he did in front of the net it would get under your skin and retaliate. Constant slashes to the back of the legs by goalies, constant cross checks by the other teams defenders, rarely a penalty will get called for any of that, it would just be frustrating. Even when he was cup checked by a goalie people say he deserved it, but if he does it back, its a cheap shot.
I think Perry was a far 'dirtier' player years ago than he has been for the past 2-3. Regardless, both players have an edge to their game, both rely on getting under the other team's skin, and both sometimes skirt the line as to what is acceptable in a hockey game. Is it a wonder why the two fan bases loathe each player, respectively?

Personally, they're both players I'd take on my team any day.

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