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12-11-2011, 11:51 AM
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Originally Posted by ThirdManIn View Post
w/r/t the Weber/Perry incident, it looked to me like Shea was skating to cover the left side while Suter went for the puck, and Perry was skating across. Incidental contact. If that is interference on Weber it has to be interference on Perry, too. Just because that... well, I won't call him what I want to, so I'll say "guy"... just because that guy fell to the ice after running into Weber doesn't mean he was interfered with. There was a similar play later in the game when a Ducks player collided with a Preds player (I was at a friends house, so I didn't have the luxury of DVD and rewind to catch the names) with no call. The refs saw Perry go down, and they made a call. Absolutely terrible officiating on that play.
There's no doubt that weber stepped up on Perry, it wasn't incidental in any means. Perry was looking behind him, Weber anticipated the pass and stepped up but the pass never came and Weber committed to the hit. Not a cheapshot, honest mistake by Weber but deserved 2 min for that one. Nothing incidental about it but definitely worth the 2 min for the Preds as it made Perry think twice before accepting a pass in the neutral zone

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