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12-11-2011, 12:10 PM
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Originally Posted by ThirdManIn View Post
To be fair, the stick between Rinne's leg incident didn't just happen once, and he did it to other players, too. A lot of players take a ton of abuse from goalies without resorting to that sort of childish crap.

Also, to say he is one of the toughest players in the league is quite the stretch. Most players in the NHL are tough people. They have to be to play hockey at this level. Perry certainly isn't one of the toughest among them. Coming back from the locker room after a minor injury happens all of the time. Kevin Klein often plays the next shift after being shaken up (without going to the locker room), and I don't think any Preds fan would put him among the toughest in the league.

My issue with Perry is all of the little crap he likes to do behind the play or after the whistle. I understand that it's to try to draw a retaliation, but it's frustrating that he can get away with crosschecks and spears and slashes, etc, but then the other team gets the call because the official missed the original act. And then he doesn't back it up by dropping the gloves (unless it's with someone like Pavel Datsyuk)... he backs it up by scoring. It's the ultimate in pestering.

edit: to add, Weber's collision with Perry wasn't even close to the Steven's hit on Kariya. Kariya's head was targeted and hit hard. Perry and Weber ran into each other, and Perry's head was never hit. I'm not saying Perry necessarily embellished (I think he laid on the ice not because he was hurt, but because he wanted to make sure a ref noticed, which is technically embellishing), but those hits are not even close to comparable.
He doesn't fight? He has 20 career fights. He's a first line player that is not afraid to fight. He backs it up alright with both fighting and scoring.

And Perry has been hit on between the legs by a lot of goalies too. I wouldn't be surprised to thats where he got it from. haha.

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