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12-04-2005, 10:09 AM
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Help needed: Salary cap mental breakdown

Why do we think the Flyers are going to be able to add any ol' salaried player they want at the deadline?

It occurred to me this morning that I've taken a few things to be true:

1) the $39M cap figure is fixed, and does not decrease with each progressive day of the season
2) at any day of the season, a team must remain at or under the cap figure or their injury-adjusted cap figure
3) on any given day, each player's average annual salary counts toward that cap figure

Is there something I've not been interpreting correctly? For example, if the Flyers hypothetically added JR at the deadline, they'd only pay him his pro-rated salary. However, for cap purposes, he'd count as $4.5M (or whatever he makes exactly). LA wouldn't count him once he'd be traded. Anaheim didn't count Fedorov's $6M once he was traded, and Columbus didn't count a pro-rated figure to their books once he was added. They will pay Fedorov a pro-rated figure this season, but he'll count for more. No?

I think we've all been interpreting this incorrectly. Opinions are welcome, but I'm really looking for concrete evidence to the contrary.

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