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12-11-2011, 02:39 PM
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Originally Posted by JGRB View Post
What the hell are you talking about?

Schneider trade was a result of not having a triggerman on the PP due to letting Mark Streit walk. Has nothing to do with Andrei Markov.

Spacek signing was an effort to replace Schneider's shot, and add a serviceable Top-4 defenseman. He was a UFA signing, Markov has nothing to do with Spacek.

Marc-Andre Bergeron was signed as a free-agent. He didn't cost us a pick, and he was at a rock bottom price. He was a solid pick up for what he was at that time. Markov did not detriment the team what so ever here.

Wisniewski? Sure, we gave up a 2nd round pick. Big deal.

Campoli -> UFA signing

Kaberle straight up trade for Spacek.

Markov's total detriment to the team over the last 3 years is ONE second round draft pick. We all get that you hate Andrei Markov, but maybe you should look at things objectively and think a little before you post that kind of thoughtless garbage.
ya giving up that 2nd for james isn't such a bad thing
seeing how he helped our powerplay
The Schneider trade brought life to the PP which couldn't do anything really

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