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12-04-2005, 10:21 AM
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I taught power skating for years and as bad as you may thing the figure skates will make you look they are much better to learn on than hockey skates. Figure skates will force you to skate on the balls of you feet instead of pushing with your toes. The balls of your feet are much stronger than your toes and you will skate with longer strides and more power. I would also suggest that anyone who wants to skate with power and has access to speed skates at your local rink to try them out. They really make your stride long. They also force you to stride and push doing crossovers instead of just stepping over to help you turn. Crossovers should be use to accelerate and not just turn.
Most people who start on hockey skates run on them instead of skate. If you do that with figure skate on you will fall on your face and pretty soon you'll stop running. If anyone has seen the movie "The Cutting Edge" with D.B. Sweeney (yes it was a bad movie) he runs into the same problems and makes the same discoveries. There will be an adjustment to the hockeyskates afterward but it will be an easy transition if you already have the technique down. If you're brave enough to take lessons from a figure skater that will speed up the process.

Good Luck!!

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