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12-04-2005, 10:56 AM
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Originally Posted by EazyB97
Get out and try them on. Each skate fits differently and its very difficult to say which will work best for you. I think most coampanies make solid skates, but a poor fitting skate will break down quicker. I know Bauer's had alot of issues with the Vapor series. Try and look for close-out models you can get for cheap. Go to your local hockey store and try the skates on first though.
thanks for the help.. I am leaning toward the high quality Easton I posted above but may go for the close out 04 model

I live in NYC, there are only 3 skate shops in the area and all three have maybe 5-10 cheap model blades

the only place that carries good skates is Gery Cosby's at MSG but they only carry CCM and Bauer and about 2-3 ones in the quality I am looking for

anything I buy is going to be ordered for this reason

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