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Originally Posted by sandlansd View Post
LOL. Look at Nostradamus telling everyone definitively how much it costs for Luck.

Luck is so ridiculously overhyped.

My prediction is that the Colts will trade out of that spot and will do it relatively cheaply, trading back to around the 4th or 5th overall spot.
First off, I agree with you. The Colts should trade out assuming they're going with Manning for the next 3-5 years. A lot of if's in that, but if Manning is still someone you're keeping in your camp, you're still trying to win Super Bowls, and Andrew Luck won't help them do that. They either owe it to Manning to help him, or they owe it to him to move him along to the Jets or Redskins something. I don't buy the whole "Luck will learn from the Master" BS, Luck is a NFL QB next year, and he should be on the field, not waiting his turn.

It doesn't matter that the hype is ridiculous, he's been pegged as the #1 pick in the draft since before this year. A lot of teams made moves in the off-season clearly to try and be in the running. Some of those teams are just bad enough organizations that they played their way out of that. John Elway was one of those people, and they put in Tebow to prove to the armchair GMs that he can't play in the NFL (along with trading away a good receiver to further doom him), and it seems like it's going to take another year to prove that. Unfortunately for them, they'd need Luck to have a change of heart and stay in school now.

With new contract structures for rookies, and the potential of Luck, if it doesn't cost that, it's going to cost more. And that's not something I've made up, a lot of network insiders say the same thing. They also say that the Colts are keeping the pick and taking Luck, so you're going to have to blow them away with an offer, since rookies aren't getting $50M guaranteed anymore.

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