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12-11-2011, 04:13 PM
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Originally Posted by syz View Post
I'll give them major credit for not remaking FF7 yet.

Seems like the easiest cash cow in the world, during a time when everything is being remade or rebooted.
I'll always challenge this notion. To the lay person it seems like it would be the easiest thing to do, but they're overlooking just how immense the world of VII was. They could do this at the time because the low res polygons were cheap to do, but converting that to modern high res 3D would be an immense job. There's a reason they don't make the games that big anymore.

I also get the impression that it's a very loud... maybe not quite minority, but close, that's asking for it. Take the existing FF fanbase around the world, divide that by around half, and from there you have the group that's constantly demanding this get remade. It's not an insignificant number by any means, like the isometric Fallout fanbase, but it's also not nearly as big as the fans think it is. Don't forget that Square has released numerous FFVII spinoff projects, more so than any other FF. Look how well Crisis Core sold and how many people watched the movie, that should give you a decent indication of how well a remake would sell.

Now on the other hand if you want to talk about Squaresoft being 'smart', they should be courting Nintendo or Sony, or they should be courting Squaresoft, for an exclusive new batch of handheld Final Fantasy remakes. We got III and IV on the DS, and now that we have a new generation of handhelds it's time for a new Gamecube/PS2 quality engine to remake VI and VII on (not sure what to do with V). The scaled back technology eases the burden I was talking about above, and while a handheld FFVII remake wouldn't sell as much as a console one it will sell a significant number of handhelds.

I don't know exactly how these deals work but this is something Sony or Nintendo should be paying or providing some sort of incentive for Square to do.

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