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12-11-2011, 04:01 PM
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I can't believe you guys could hold such a grudge on the player who made the franchise. And paul didn't want to leave Anaheim. Murray had a bit of a hold out against him and he was forced to explore his options. He knew Murray didn't want to pay him as much and Paul was ok with that, as long as that put other players around him that could help lead the ducks to another playoff run.

Also put yourself in his shoes. You are one of the most promising prospects in the world and you get drafted to a team named after a childrens movie who's ownership was only concerned with making money. He could have easily demanded a trade (lindros) and gone to a respectable established franchise. But instead he embraced the start up small market club and became an ambassador for the sport. In my mind the two largest reasons why hockey is growing at such a great rate in southern california is because of Gretzky becoming a King, and Kariya being a stud with the Ducks.

As i said earlier it is very possible that if the Ducks never had Kariya they would not still be around today.

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