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12-11-2011, 04:16 PM
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Originally Posted by JabbaJabba View Post
When people compare Kariya's and Niedermayer's success in Anaheim, they have to remember that Kariya played during the Mighty Ducks era when Disney didn't give a damn about the team and Niedermayer played in the beginning of Ducks era. Kariya had no chance at leading Mighty Ducks anywhere because the team was mostly crap and Niedermayer was the last piece of that puzzle which won us Stanley cup.

I wouldn't mind if Ducks retired Kariya's number (Bobby would have to change his number though). After all, Paul was the first player to be drafted by Anaheim so it makes sense for him being the 1st one up there.
The difference is that Scotty lead this team to success. He wasn't just a member of a good team, he was the leader of that team, and he showed it everytime he hit the ice. He was the driver.

With Kariya, I never felt he lead the team in that manner. When the Mighty Ducks were having success, it wasn't Kariya behind the wheel. It was Giguere. Kariya was a passenger.

Maybe that's not fair for Kariya, but I don't think Anaheim would have had the same kind of success with Kariya on the team instead of Niedermayer after the lockout.

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