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Originally Posted by MXD View Post
Look, I totally see your point and think it really makes sense.

... Which european D-Men could seriously have won an award before Lidstrom?

I mean... Fetisov wasn't bad, but was never really award-worthy. Gonchar wasn't quite there yet. Konstantinov was pretty solid, but guys who play the game like him usually don't win awards, Zubov was even not worthy of an AST berth in his huge season, and Leetch was better offensively AND defensively than Ozolinsh (actually, offensively superior in 1997 and defensively superior generally speaking, which actuallys says A LOT).

Actually, Ozolinsh was probably the guy who was the closer to the Norris, but if he had won that year, it would probably have been the weakest Norris choice ever and people going for a retrospective analysis would be quick to put an asterisk beside Ozolinsh's award.
Like I said later on I think it has more to do with his style of play rather than his nationality.

As for individual awards, especially in larger more integrated league, I place more value on guys in the top 3 and 5 in the Norris voting than just the winner. Often there is a hype machine that drives some of the voting patterns and the criteria isn't always obvious to what the voters are voting on as their tendencies have shifted over time.

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