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Originally Posted by RandV View Post
I don't know if I would quite call it the best turn placed gameplay, but what FFX did best was provide a system where you make use of all your characters... with the exception for Kimari once you recruit Auron. Many RPG's give you a good cast of characters but there's always a handful you never use, I always found this to be a minor immersion breaker.

But yeah if you're going to jump into your very first Final Fantasy X is definitely the best choice, though IX might not be too bad either. VIII, XII and XIII are a little 'different', while anything starting with VII and earlier may seem a bit dated. Or if you've ever played and enjoyed old school SNES/Genesis RPG's then you'd be a safe bet to play through IV V and VI.
Its why games like FF6 were so effective. It forced you to use different characters at different points in the story.

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