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12-11-2011, 06:56 PM
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Originally Posted by Ziggy Stardust View Post
My major issue with his signing (and Hunter) is that the Kings continue to pursue damaged goods with their low risk, no rewards moves. It happened in the past with McCauley, Thornton and Cloutier and it's happening once again with the two UFAs they signed this past summer.

I understand that holes had to be filled in the bottom six, but there were better options available to the Kings that they passed up on in order to get bigger. This fixation on size is reminiscent of the Flyers of the mid 90s that were outclassed by the speed and skill of the Red Wings.
The salary cap was an issue this off-season, but there were other factors involved. Stoll has been beyond brutal on the 3rd line. No one figured he'd get 20 goals, but 10-15 on the 3rd line was expected, as well as some solid defense. He's been far from that so far. Richardson and Lewis should have been contributing more as well. that fact that Richardson finally got a goal last night and Lewis is still golless is absurd.

No one would have figured those three would be this bad. If Richardson, Lewis and Stoll were playing like they did last year, as well as Clifford, we'd be fine. A third line of Stoll-Richardson-Cliffy and a 4th line of Lewis with two of Moreau/Hunter/Westgarth should have been more than enough if our returning players played as well as they did last year.
It's one area where I don't blame TM as much as I could. These guys aren't past their prime, they should be doing better than this.

Back to the issue of UFA's, Hunter and Moreau haven't worked great, but they were also just 4th line depth anyways. The real risk was Gagne and so far, he's looked pretty decent.

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